Tree Health Surgeons in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky

Along with services like tree pruning and emergency removal, Gregory "Tree" Lester Tree Health Surgeon performs comprehensive maintenance for properties in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. We work with residential, commercial, and governmental clients to create attractive landscapes. Whether you hire us for  spraying, pruning, feeding, removal, or any landscaping and we’ll help your land thrive long into the future.

Service for All Property Owners

Gregory "Tree" Lester Tree Health Surgeon has a proud history of completing high-quality tree spraying, pruning, feeding, and removal for all types of properties. We deliver expert tree care to residential properties, such as apartments, condo associations, and retirement communities, as well as businesses like country clubs and insurance companies. Local cities trust us with the landscapes of their post offices, churches, cemeteries, public libraries, and schools.

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Why Hire a Certified Arborist?

Tasks like tree pruning, stump removal, and tree spraying are important in preserving the health and safety of your land, but preventative maintenance is also a crucial step in extending the life of your trees. Our ISA-certified arborists can detect signs of insects and disease that might not be obvious to all property owners. Give your trees the best care possible by choosing us for a yearly inspection. We’ll examine your trees, prune them if needed, and make sure they’re receiving the nutrients they require to stay healthy.

Help Your Trees Flourish

Like proper pruning, regular maintenance is a smart investment that will pay off in a stunning landscape for your property. Gregory "Tree" Lester Tree Health Surgeon provides routine tree care to homes and businesses across the greater Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky area, from hospitals and churches to golf clubs and restaurants. Schedule a yearly check with us to maintain your trees’ health and help them flourish.

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